A Wing and a Plan: By The Numbers

A Wing and a Plan: By The Numbers

December 20, 2023

As we head into this Christmas weekend, this week’s writing is a special one for Alex and I. Special not only because we are feeling joyful in the midst of this Holiday season. No, this blog is special because it is our 150th Blog post! It is hard to imagine that we have combined to write this many mini articles over the course of the last 3 years. We have no one to thank more than you, our clients and readers. We wouldn’t be writing (nearly) every week if the audience was not there, but we are thankful that you are! This small piece of communication with our clients and prospects has opened the opportunity for many conversations that may not have happened otherwise. What started as an outlet for Alex to write about things that interested him has turned into a continual way for us to stay top of mind with our people.  Please keep reading, asking questions, and sharing this with others! We would love to add to our loyal base of readers in 2024.

I thought it would be fun, seeing as this is a special occasion, to run through the make-up of these last 149 blog entries. We are financial advisors after all so what could be a more fun than going through some statistics *sarcasm intended*!

By the Numbers

147,000+ words

Instead of summing the total of all the words for every blog we have written I took the average word count of our last 10 blog posts and multiplied that by 149. If Alex and I develop carpal tunnel, just know we did it for you all. To add a frame of reference, Merriam Webster’s dictionary contains 470,000+ words. If we follow our current pace, we are scheduled to have written an entire dictionary worth of words by the end of our 476th blog post. I cannot and will not make any promises that we will ever get there, but it is still a fun figure to look at!

294 Pages

If we were to compile all our blogs and leather-bound them, (If you are a Wing and a Plan mega fan who is interested let us know), we would have a 294-page novel. For reference, A Wing and a Plan would be a substantially longer read than The Great Gatsby which is only 208 pages long. Our book would be comparable in length to Homer’s The Odyssey. While I am proud of the content we have written and the information we have been able to convey to our readers, I’m not sure our writings stack up to those two giants. I am also not personally planning on writing a novel any time soon, I can’t speak for Alex though.

3 years and 8 months

It has taken us 3 years and 8 months to compile 150 blog posts. Alex published the first edition of A Wing and a Plan on April 21, 2020. In that first blog post, Alex talks about building habits and hoping that this blog becomes a weekly habit of his. Fast forward to today and the blog is still going strong. Although, if you do the simple math, we haven’t always stayed faithful to our weekly cadence.


The holiday season is a time for thankfulness. Our family has been incredibly blessed with new additions over the last few years and our business is no different. Thanks to all of our clients for your continued business and support and to our other faithful readers who find value in the education we try to bring. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!