Our Process

For those who want a simple, easy to understand financial plan

Follows our succinct 4-step financial planning process

Complete review of your financial situation including your budget, insurance, and investments

One-page summary plan with supporting information


One-time fee

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Our History

Best for individuals and families who want the advice and expertise of an advisor to manage their investment accounts

Review your investments and goals for your accounts

Discuss your tolerance for risk and time horizon

Complete performance, expense, and risk breakdown

Implementation and ongoing monitoring of our recommendations

1% Fee

Or equivalent

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Our Values

Recommended for those looking for a full financial plan as well as professional investment management

Our "One Page Plan" and 4-step planning process

Discuss planning and investment goals and risk tolerance

Ongoing management and monitoring of your investment accounts

Retirement Income Planning

Insurance review

$500 Set up fee

1% Annually

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