Welcome, Michigan West Coast Chamber Members!

As proud members of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, we know the value our fellow members bring to our community. That's why we want to help chamber members pursue their financial goals by offering our financial planning services at a cost only available to members of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce! So, we are offering our Next Gen subscription to Chamber members at only $30/month! Use the box below to get started!

Our Process

Initial Meeting

  • Discuss your goals and financial situation

  • Receive a welcome packet and
    the opportunity to sign up for our weekly
    blog and monthly newsletter

Follow Up

  • Welcome email with steps to


  • Open your online investment account

Review and Recommendations

  • Receive your comprehensive financial plan


  • Insurance quotes and applications will be made
    available to you if needed

  • Next steps will be discussed

Progress Updates

  • Periodic summaries of your progress


  • Schedule a review to
    confirm that your plan is on track

With our guidance, create a plan to help you pursue your financial goals!

Client Centered